The Complete Guide on How to Clear Cache on Galaxy A53

This article will walk you through clear cache on Galaxy A53. It helps you delete all temporary files and the residual data stored from each app’s storage in your device. Here is the complete guideline you must know.

What is Cache?

Each application has a special-designed repository of data that have been collected anytime when you are launching or using the application on this device.

Just like other models, Galaxy A53 has the cache to let your device quickly retrieve data of some variety as you can easily access the data locally or redownload it every time your device launches an application or visits websites.

While you are keeping the temporary files in the repository storage of an application or electronic device provides several benefits, including fast performance and some unexpected system conflicts.

This happens when there are some malicious software or corrupted cache files. This condition can ruin normal functions. That is why clearing the cache from an application or device storage is recommended.

Steps to clear cache partition on Galaxy A53

Below is the complete information about the process of how to clear the cache on Galaxy A53:

  • Tap on Settings from the home screen or the applications tray to launch the setting application.
  • In the main settings application menu, you can find and tap on Apps. Doing so will help you open another screen with a list of the pre-installed and downloaded apps.
  • Find and then choose the app you want. If the application is not available in the list, tap the Filter and then the sort icon. After that, tap on turn on Show System Apps.
  • Choose an app that will open the app’s information screen. While, in the application information screen, you can tap on Storage.
  • The special-designed storage menu for the chosen application will load up later. At the bottom of the screen, you can find the option to help you clear cache or clear data. To clear the cache from the application, you can tap on Clear Cache. By doing this instruction, it will help you empty the cache for the app.
  • To remove all the accumulated residual files for the application, tap on Clear data.
  • If you want to proceed, tap OK on the pop-up warning to get a confirmation.

All the residual data saved for the application will be deleted permanently. It means that you need to re-enter the account credentials the next time you open and use the application. In-app settings are deleted. So, you will need to reconfigure the application’s settings if necessary.


You can use the instructions above when clear the cache on Galaxy A53 or data from other Samsung devices that are supporting Android 12 with One UI or a higher OS version.

Maybe, there are some differences in the phone’s user interface, especially the actual screens and menu options between device models. Also, it may depends on the wireless service providers. Keeping the phone’s software up to date is important to make sure that you can enjoy the features and menus.

Feel free to start anytime when you want to delete the temporary files and clear the cache on Galaxy A53 5G. Keep in mind that clearing your application’s data will also delete the app’s data permanently. What we mean here is the saved files, the accounts with login credentials, the settings, the stats, the databases, and the other temporary data.

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