Complete Hack On How to Enable Split Screen on Galaxy A53

Maybe you have a big question about the split screen feature’s existence on Samsung A53. As you know that the feature is beneficial on bigger-screen devices, and it enables you to operate two applications side by side on your smartphone at the same time.



For instance, you can use one side for watching a video and the other side for opening WhatsApp. This feature lets you use two applications on your device simultaneously. In this post, you will learn how to enable a split screen on Samsung A53.

How to Use Split Screen on Samsung A53

Here is the complete hack on how to use a split screen on Samsung A53:

  • Tap on Recent apps.
  • Select the app icon that you want to open, and then select Open in the Split-screen view.
  • You can see the chosen application will appear to fill the upper half of your device’s display.
  • Navigate and select the second application.

Editing Multi Window on Galaxy A53 5G

We not only have the instructions to split screen on Galaxy A53 we are going to share but also edit this feature. This information helps you to maximize your experience using multi-window.

Well, there is a window bar line to indicate the active application. Tap and then hold the window bar line. After that, move it up or down. This way will let you adjust the size of the window.

How to Turn off Split Screen on Galaxy A53

To quit using a split screen on Galaxy A53, you can press and then hold the horizontal line at the center of the screen. After that, drag it to the bottom or the top of the screen. This way will end the device displaying a multitasking screen.


Split screen is an interesting feature that you can find on Samsung Galaxy A53. This feature is quite helpful because it allows the users to view and use two different applications at the same time.

It can be a useful way if you want to multitask at work, home, or school. By using the split screen feature, you can try the simple steps above.

Many users go with multiple screens to help them finish their work or home computers faster. However, when you go with Samsung Galaxy A53, you can continue using two screens. This way will help you extend your ability to finish more than a single task at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy A53 also comes out to the market which makes it easy to open and then close the split-screen feature. What you need to do is tap and then slide your finger.

If in the case that your device did not work for split screen, it can be because of aggressive “battery optimization”. The split screen cannot control this issue. You need to open the Android Settings so it will not prevent the accessibility service of this feature.

If you think that the tutorial here is useful for you, don’t forget to share it. Do you like using a split screen? What is your experience when you start using a split screen on your Samsung Galaxy A53? Does it help you or bother you?


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