The Complete Guideline on How to Send Group Text Messages

When you are texting individual contacts on any device, the tutorial is quite easy. When you use a group text or send a mass text, it is easy to make a group chat like that.


There are several methods on how to send group texts on Galaxy A53. However, group chats are different from instant messaging applications, such as WeChat or WhatsApp.

Complete Guide to Send Group Messages for Galaxy A53 Devices

Before getting into the method, you have to know several important things when sending using the Samsung application:

  • Group texts work for sending text only. It also means that if anyone replies to the message you sent in a group, the reply will be displayed in the chat thread of the contact on your device and not in the group text.
  • The reply to the group text will go to the sender, not all group members can read the reply.
  • Recipients of group messages can see those contacts when they receive the notification. They will not see other contacts in the group.And it will be displayed as a regular message.

  • You can add around 20 participants to this app.

How to Send Group Text Messages on Galaxy A53

Here are the instructions to send group text on Galaxy A53:

  • Access your device from the main screen, and then tap the Messages icon. If possible, tap on the “Conversation” tab.
  • Tap on the “New conservation” icon.
  • In the Recipient field, you can enter the mobile number of the first recipient. After that, tap on the Next key to add more recipients. If you want to add recipients from Contacts, start typing the contact’s name. After that, tap on the name when it appears.
  • To add more recipients, you can enter each recipient’s name or phone number. After that, you can tap on the “Next” key on your keyboard. Here, you can repeat the step if you want to add more recipients. All the recipient’s phone responses and numbers will be visible to the entire group.
  • Enter the text message you want to send in the field “Enter Message”.
  • Tap on the “Send” icon. Your text messages will be sent. Responses will show in the thread.
  • To go back to the main screen, you can tap on the HOME key.
  • Now, you have finished the tutorial.

Create a Group Contact on Galaxy A53 5G Using Contact Group in Contacts App

Samsung devices come out with a beautiful way to email or to text multiple people by using the contact group. The contact groups are easy to access from the Samsung Contact,and Phone applications.

This is a great way to create group texts because you just add the contact only once. Here are the instructions on The Complete Guideline on How to send group text messages on Galaxy A53:

  • Open the Samsung Contact application. Tap on the three-bar icon located on the left side to start opening the sidebar.
  • You can find Groups and then tap on it to expand the feature. Select the required group that you want to start mass texting. If you have not created any group, what you need to do is to tap Create Group.
  • Enter a group name in the box. Tap on Add member to add contacts to the group, and tap on Save.
  • Once you have created a group, open it from the Contacts app in the sidebar. Also, you will find it in the Phone app under the Contacts tab.
  • Inside the group, tap the three-dot icon and then choose to Send.
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