Best Two Methods to Schedule Text Message on Galaxy A53 Easily

Well, sometimes it is hard to believe that a single message you forgot to send brings something bad to your life. When you must send an urgent text to someone in the future, perhaps you just believe that you can send it at the right moment. What happens next is that you forget to send it.

schedule-text-message- on-galaxy A53 Easily

If there is any way to schedule text message on Galaxy A53, surely it will make your life easier. Just like the way you use email. So, if you are using Galaxy A53, we have a complete hack on how to send a message so you will not miss any important moments.

To start scheduling an SMS or text on your Android device, basically, there are two methods. The first is about using the built-in functionality. Here, what we mean is using Google Messages up and Android OEMs just like Samsung offers. The second method is using a third-party application for texting. These apps help you schedule text message on Galaxy A53 and other Android devices.

Schedule Text Message on Galaxy A53 with Inbuilt Message

As we have mentioned above, Google’s Messages application and certain OEMS offer this function as the native feature. Samsung is one of the Android devices with this feature on their handsets. It is important to note that not all models get this feature. Besides, if you have bought a carrier-locked device, the native integration of the feature also depends on the mobile carrier.

Google Messages

We can start the steps in scheduling messages by using Google Messages. Launch the Messages application. After that, type the text that you want to send. to start sending, long press the send button. You will get a pop-up to let you choose the date and time. It works for scheduling the text.

If you do not see the pop-up, it means that your Messages app does not work with the latest version. So, you have to update it first on Google Play Store.

If you select the date and time manually, you can tap on “Pick date and time”. After that, use the date and time picker. Once selected, choose Next to continue.

Once you pick the time and the date, you will get a preview. Now, press “Save” so your device will confirm the changes. The last step to do is to tap on the Send button once more. This way will make you schedule the text message.

Anytime you want to change your mind and update the message, simply hit on the clock icon. You can find this icon at the left of the message. After that, select “Update message”. You will also get an option to send or delete the scheduled message.

Scheduling Text Message Using Third-Party Apps

It is not a big deal if you cannot schedule text message on Galaxy A53 if your device does not support this feature. You still can use third-party applications.

The benefit of using the third-party application is that you can enjoy other additional features. Therefore, your messaging experience will be easy and so much fun. There are some great applications for text messaging. For example, you can choose Textra, Pulse SMS, and Do It Later.

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