The Complete Tutorial on How to Enable Screen record Galaxy A53

Enabling the screen record Galaxy A53 from your device in a video with sound can be beneficial for you. You can use this feature to show your friend on how to perform certain tasks in Galaxy A53. Or, use this feature to perform a tutorial.


After that, you can save the video file to send or to upload it to a platform like social network or YouTube. Additionally, you can record on video. And then, add a sound to the story that you can upload on Instagram. Moreover, you can make a video call with your family member to keep as an evidence, a souvenir, or a TikTok video.

Up to now, there is no default method into Android (Samsung Galaxy a53 5G from the factory with OS Android 12, One UI 4.1) to videotape the screen. This way will let you use the Game Launcher application from third-party applications or Samsung.

Tutorial Using the Galaxy A53 Screen Record

To make this recording on your Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, you have to follow these instructions:

  • Go to the quick access panel of Samsung Galaxy A53. After that, you can find the screen recording icon. (If you already have this icon, move to step no.5). To check this icon, unlock the device and slide your finger to the top edge of your device’s screen. Here you can show the quick panel in the quick settings where you can find Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi network, mute, and others. Slide down again with your finger to show the full panel.
  • If you do not see the icon on your device’s quick panel, then tap on the edit icon of the quick panel with three-points vertical.
  • Your device will display a floating menu. After that, tap on “Button order” to edit the buttons that show on the quick panel of your device, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.
  • The Settings icon in the quick panel will be displayed and the settings icon you can add to the panel divided by a blank space. Next, look for the screen recording icon and then tap on the icon without dropping it. But, drag it to the bottom if you want to add it to the quick panel. If you do not see the screen recording icon on Galaxy A53 5G device, it is possible if the device does not support this feature.
  • You already have the recording icon on the quick panel of your device. Next, there are two options on how to start screen record Galaxy A53. First, press the volume up and the power buttons of your device at the same time. Second, you can unfold the panel quickly by sliding your finger from the top of the device’s display. Next, press the icon that you have found in the previous instruction.
  • If it is your first experience to have recorded the device’s screen, you will get a message that requests a permission for the screen recording feature to screenshot photos or record videos. Now, you can choose based on your needs: Give permission this time, give permission while using the app, or don’t allow.
  • The second permission is that your application will request access for a microphone or for recording audio. You must allow this request even though you do not want to record the sound from your microphone. In the next step, the sound is not recorded.
  • After that, this app will ask you for permission to access multimedia content, photos, and files of your device. It does not mean that the app will use the photos or the videos. But, this is important to let the device save the video in your Samsung Galaxy A53’s storage.
  • Move to the next step, here you can choose to save your video in some options. Those are saving the video without sound, with the system sounds, or with the system sounds and recording the microphone sound. Choose the option that can complete your needs and then tap on “Start recording”.
  • Your device will display a three-second countdown to indicate that your video screen is about to start.
  • Next, press the square stop button to stop the recording. You can find this button at the top right of your device’s screen.slide a finger from the top of the device’s screen. This way will help you launch the notification and quick settings bar. After that, you can press the red button on your Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.
  • Here, you can save your video in the photo gallery. Find the image gallery from the home screen.


By trying the tutorial on how to use screen record Galaxy A53 above, you can do it within 5 minutes.

That is all you need to know about how to screen record Galaxy A53. If you cannot find the screen recording icon, you need to download a third-party app with this function from Google Play.

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