How To Enable Power Saving Mode on Galaxy A53

In this chance, we are going to tell you about how to enable power saving mode on Galaxy A53 5G. If your device battery is low and you want to enable the power-saving mode to keep it alive a little longer, this post is what you need.

We have created the full guideline, which consists of a few quick steps to do to enable the power saving mode on this device. The goal of this tutorial is to save the battery longer, but it only works for the latest android operating system.

power saving galaxy a53

When your battery saver mode is always on, it will stop your usage of applications working background. It is not different from the performance, but you are consuming less battery

Enabling this feature is also helpful because you can disable many important features such as background processes’ when it is using wireless communications. It is better if you use these models only when it is a must, but not using this mode as your regular method to save battery.

How to enable power saving mode on Galaxy A53

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G works with a lightweight Li-ion battery. Activating power-saving mode allows you to save more battery life compared to normal use. Here are the steps to enable power saving mode on Galaxy A53:

  • The initial way to customize the procedure is by heading to the Settings app menu option. You can access it from the device’s home screen. What you need to do is to unlock your phone and tap on Settings.
  • From here, tap on Advanced Features.
  • You can find Device Care, and tap on it. After that, choose the Battery option from this menu. This choice is at the left bottom corner of your device’s screen.
  • Now, you can click the Power Mode.
  • Under the power mode, you will get some options such as below.
  • High Performance – Maximum brightness and resolution to take more battery life.
  • Optimized – The recommended setting for battery life and device performance. It also means balanced.
  • Medium Power Savings – Mode to extend the battery life by limiting the system function.
  • Maximum power savings mode – It is a Ninja Mode to low on battery but you need more battery backup as you can. Tap on the Maximum power savings mode option on your Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.
  • There is an additional setting, such as the Adaptive power-saving mode. You can switch it on the different power savings modes automatically according to your preference to save power when it is not necessary. When you enabled it, the settings will not affect the display resolution.
  • Now you have completed the step to enable the power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.

If you want to get more customization tutorials about this device, you can open our tutorials such as setting up Wi-Fi, taking a screenshot, and others.

If you have any queries about how to enable the power saving mode by using Samsung Galaxy A53 5G mobile device, don’t forget to leave a comment. We would love to reply all comments as soon as possible.

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