How to Force Stop Apps on Galaxy A53 and Facts to Know

Once you have launched an application, it will keep running in the background of your device even though you are not using it.  This is normal for Android apps, but too many apps working in the background can cause issues for your devices.

If you experience this matter, it is a good idea to force stop apps on Galaxy A53. This is the right action if the application is misbehaving, crashing, and it does not work properly.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to kill an app that is still working in the background. The steps are simple so you do not have to do much thing. What you need to do is to open the Settings menu, and then find the app and select Force stop.

How to Force Stop Apps on Galaxy A53

It only takes 1 minute to force stop apps on Galaxy A53 by following the instructions below:

  • Launch Settings app in the Home Screen or applications tray.
  • Choose Apps, by scrolling down and then finding Apps.
  • After that, you can open More Settings by tapping on the 3-dot icon located at the upper right of your Samsung Galaxy A53.
  • Choose Show System Apps. You have to do this if you want to look for a default or for a system app. Or, you can skip the instructions 3 and 4.
  • Locate the application in the list and then tap on it.
  • After that, choose Force Stop at the bottom right corner of the device.
  • Choose OK button to confirm this action.

The tutorial above helps a lot when some applications crash and bother you from time to time. Force stop can be an effective solution to fix this matter.

Facts to know aforce bout stops

Ever wanted to know what will happen to your smartphone when you do force stop apps?

When you read the instructions above about force stop apps on Galaxy A53, you may think that it is very easy to do this action. But, what does it mean when you force stop an app? What happen to your device after doing this action? Is it safe enough?

For example, when you remove the applications from the app switcher, most of you may think that all the applications will be terminated entirely. But, that is not always the answer.

When an application working some unfinished process such as pending or ongoing download, it will stay active in the background for a few seconds or minutes after closing the app. This app will be closed but not until the app completes the ongoing process and take a few minutes to prepare before shutting down.

Let us say that music player, instant messengers or health monitoring applications will stay active in the background, even after you close them. But Force stopping an application will completely or immediately end all applications in the background.

So, if you have a question whether doing this action is safe or not, it depends on the reason or the time when you are force stopping the application. Mostly, it is a safe action. It is an ideal solution when an app is malfunctioning. However, it is not safe if you force stop an application that is working correctly.

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