How To Fix Samsung A53 Voicemail Not Working

It is hard to disconnect yourself from the real world. But it does not mean that it is impossible if you switch your device off for a while. After all, messages you do not see will be waiting for you. All missed calls go straight to the voicemail for you to pick up and answer later.



Well, that is what will happen if your voicemail service works correctly. If the voicemail samsung a53 is not working on the device, you need to set up the settings and let them work again. This guide will help you fix Samsung A53 voicemail not working.

Check the Voicemail Settings

Make sure that the voicemail Settings are correct. You can check the Settings for yourself by using the Phone application on the device.

This application and the Settings menu are slightly different from the device model and also the Android version. Here is the solution how  to fix Samsung A53 voicemail not working by checking the Settings:

  • Open the application on the device to begin. Tap on the three-dots menu icon located at the top-right.
  • Tap on the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Call Settings menu, tap on the Voicemail option.
  • Double-check the voicemail configuration on Samsung A53. For example, make sure that the correct network carrier is under the section of Service provider.
  • Your carrier has a voicemail number where the number of the device will call to hear the voicemail. Check under the section of the Voicemail number.
  • If you do not get any notification when you receive new voicemails, you can check the voicemail notification correctly, under the section of the Notification.
  • You can apply the voicemail settings automatically when you want to insert a SIM card into the device. But they could have become outdated or corrupted. If you are not sure about the settings are correct or not, you can look at the additional fixes.

Request New Voicemail Settings from the Carrier

The next way how to fix Samsung A53 voicemail not working is by requesting new voicemail settings from your carrier. Maybe, you think that the voicemail settings are correct, but it is possible to have conflicting settings on your device. To solve this problem, you have to request new settings from the carrier you use and set up the voicemail.

Update the Carrier’s Voicemail Application

To use this method depends on the voicemail service you have. Or, you can have a carrier-issued voicemail application on your device to use the voicemail service. It is especially true if you are using a next-generation visual service for voicemail.

If a carrier-issued application is not working, you can check for updates. Application updates often have new features or bug fixes to help resolve common issues.

Besides, you can check updates to this application by using the Google Play Store. If the carrier has an updated application, you can manually update the application. Some apps require this step.

That is all about how to fix Samsung A53 voicemail not working. By using the methods above, hopefully, you can use your voicemail feature as usual.

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