Tips to Turn Off Delivery Report On Galaxy A53 In A Second

Text message delivery reports help you send a pop-up notification to your device by default. This happens when you send a text message to any recipients.

Sometimes, the notification can be bothersome. Therefore, it is good to know how to turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A53. This guideline works best if you think that you do not need to receive the reports.

How to Disable Delivery Reports on  Galaxy A53

Follow the instructions below if you want to deactivate the delivery report on your device, Samsung Galaxy A53:

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Tap on the More options icon with three dots.
  • After that, tap on Settings.
  • Tap on More Settings.
  • Select Text messages.
  • Tap the switch to turn off “Show when delivered”.

That is the tutorial on how to turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A53.

About SMS Delivery Report

Perhaps, you know the idea of reading receipts when you text your family or friends. Texting is the first way to communicate and now it is one of the best methods for a large business to communicate with its staff or customers.

When you send a text message, the cell provider will receive it. They use servers to deliver the text to the recipient.

The status of the SMS can be successfully delivered or permanently or temporarily failed to deliver. The servers will then send back the information to you about the status of the text.

Tips for Turning Off Delivery Reports on the Samsung Galaxy A53?

For some people, they turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A53. They do it because they do not have much time to check all reports. But, for people using their SMS for business, it can be a different story.

Even though this feature is not a super-tech choice, maybe your business needs it. You can use SMS delivery reports for SMS marketing.

For example, you are using this device to send an SMS blast and then you click Send. but, the internet connection times out. It is also possible that you scheduled a message for a certain time or date yesterday, but the message credit balance was not enough. Or, maybe you just wonder, and ask yourself “Did the message go out?”

Instead of thinking or fretting, simply check out the SMS delivery report. Here, you can find that your message did or did not send correctly. You solved all the confusion!


Now, you have the tutorial on how to disable delivery reports on your device, Samsung Galaxy A53. You can follow the steps to start turning this feature off.

On the contrary, if you are using SMS marketing for your business, it is important to think twice before turning off this feature. Why?

Information is king, and getting all information let you ease the uncertainty that can affect your business decisions. With the SMS delivery report, you can get some information to let you focus on the huge advantage of SMS marketing, less frustration or confusion.

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