Complete Methods to Fix Slow Internet Connection on Galaxy A53

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fix slow internet connection on Galaxy A53. It is one of the connectivity issues happening on Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. Samsung has launched this device with a Super AMOLED display size of 6.5-inch. It also comes with a display rate 120Hz and it works with the support of Octa-Core Exynos 1280 SoC.

Samsung completed it with the presence of 8GB RAM and it uses a quad rear camera setup to deliver 64-megapixel primary sensor. Just like other features of a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy A53 comes with WiFi issues. Some buyers reported the impending issues such as being unable to connect to the Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi always disconnecting, no internet when connected to the Wi-Fi, and a few issues that users face.

complete methode slow internet conections galaxy a53

How to fix slow internet connection on Galaxy A53

Of course, every issue has a solution and we have the right guide to fix slow internet connection on Galaxy A53.

You can use these methods on other Android phones.

Method 1 – the basic

Assume that you face trouble with using Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy A53 or other Android models, there are a few basics to take care of.

First, you should check the WiFi, whether it is active or not. Sometimes, people forget to turn this feature on and try to connect to the available WiFi connection. Another possible thing is that you tapped on the Wi-Fi icon on the notification panel, but you did not register the stimuli on your device.

Shortly, although you activated the Wi-Fi icon, it is not enough to enable or turn it on because there is still something that will prevent you enable the Wi-Fi in the first. Tapping on the Wi-Fi icon many times will not work if you don’t check that you are connecting to the right router.

Method 2 – disable bluetooth

Bluetooth can cause a few WiFi issues if you are using a WiFi connection over the 2.4GHz band. It is because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work with the same frequency. To fix slow internet connection on Galaxy A53, you can try to fire up the 5GHz frequency. In this case, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G works for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Therefore, you need to check whether the router supports it or not.

Method 3 – reboot your device

The next thing to do if you want to fix the slow internet connection is to reboot the device. It is an army knife to help you solve the problems. If the connection is too slow, this method will be surely effective in most cases. Therefore, you need to take your device and then long-press it to the power button. It will let your device shut down and then restart it.

Method 4 – refresh connections

Here is the last method we can share to fix the internet problem on your Samsung Galaxy A53:

  • Pull it off by heading to the Wi-Fi option. Or, you can tap on the WiFi icon from the Notification Panel. Alternatively, open Settings and tap on Wireless and Network.
  • Tap on WiFi.
  • Long press on the mentioned network and then choose to Forget.

Once your device has removed the network, wait for a few seconds and let your device reconnects to it by entering the password.

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