How to Activate Find My Mobile on Galaxy A53

Find My Mobile lets you remotely locate and then control the missing Galaxy devices, including tablets, phones, and smartwatches. If you lost your device, you can learn how to activate Find My Mobile on Galaxy A53.


You don’t have to panic, because you can get your device back. Find My Mobile will let you access the location of your mobile phone when it is offline. Additionally, you can back up the data to Samsung Cloud, block access to Samsung Pay, and control it remotely on the Find My Mobile website.

With the SmartThings application, you can locate other Galaxy devices through the SmartThings Find.

How to activate Find My Mobile on Galaxy A53

If you have lost your Samsung Galaxy A53, you can access the “Find My Mobile” service and then find or lock the device and back up data. Here is the instruction on how to activate Find my Mobile on Galaxy A53:

  • Set up your Samsung account on this device first.
  • After that, Allow Google to collect the location information. Make sure that you agree to the term and conditions of “Use wireless networks”. Locate my device is available, depending on your device or the OS. Backup data, if your smartphone is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will connect to the mobile network and it can give you extra charges, depending on the payment plan.

Locate my device: you can track the location and the route of your lost smartphone. If you have activated the “Send the last location” option in Settings, it will send your smartphone’s last known location before it was disconnected from the server, helping you track the location of your device.

Lock my screen: lock the screen and the power button, Samsung Pay on your lost device.

Ring my device: If your device is around you, it will sound like a ringtone for about a minute at the maximum volume. It helps you find the device.

Backup data: Now, you

How to activate Find My Mobile on Galaxy A53


This guide helps you summarize some frequently asked questions about Find My Mobile, to help you know about this service before using it. This information is as important as how to activate Find My Mobile on Galaxy A53.

It is important to know that all carriers or network providers do not support Find my Mobile.

How to verify my Galaxy A53 is registered?

Sign in to the Find My Mobile website by using the same account on your Galaxy A53. After that, you will get a list of registered devices with the status information.

Can I use Find My Mobile even though my device’s GPS is off?

Yes. Find My Mobile will activate your device’s GPS remotely when you locate the device. Even though you turned off the GPS, Find My Mobile estimates the location by utilizing the Wi-Fi signals and network connection. Other functions than device location do not require GPS.

Can I use Find My Mobile on different devices?

Yes. It is possible to use Find My Mobile on different devices using the same Samsung account. Sign in to the website using the same account that is integrated with your device, after that you can choose the device that you want to control or locate.

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